Halloween Tips & Tricks:

For Parents

It’s okay to admit if you’re still working through what your Halloween celebration will look like this year (we are too!). With so many things up in the air, it’s safe to say that many parents are in the same boat; torn between skipping Halloween this year or determined to make sure that your kiddos have the best Halloween ever – no matter what. Regardless of what you  decide, we have a few tips and tricks to help you have a fa-boo-lous Halloween!

First, surround yourself with the season by creating SPOOKTACULAR crafts that last a lifetime. Who doesn’t love to create a memory? And creating visual reminders of the Halloween season around your house can be a great way to spread joy and make up for some of the festivity kids will miss with a very-different Halloween this year. Spend this Halloween creating crafts that can be spread around the entire house! It makes for great family time, memorable moments, and even some things you can display year after year. 


Don’t ditch the costume! We get it. Your little one picked out their costume for this year, LAST YEAR and is actively counting down the days until it gets to make its debut. Here are a few tips and tricks on ways to let your kiddo don their costume with pride, no matter what. 

  • Virtual Halloween costume contest. We’ve turned just about everything else virtual, why stop at Halloween?! Gather up your frightful entourage for a virtual costume show and tell or contest. BONUS TIP: Encourage attendees to download a spooktakular background for the call!
  • Mask it up! Incorporate your kids’ mask into their costume by having them decorate their mask with vampire teeth or whiskers. Feeling super creative? Check out these Halloween mask ideas from
  • Throw a costume parade in your neighborhood, apartment building, or driveway! Spread the word and plan a costume parade right in your neighborhood. Make sure everyone stays in a safe space (sidewalks please!) and invite family members to watch from their windows or balconies. BONUS TIP: If the weather outside is frightful, encourage families to deck out their cars with spooky decor and have a drive by Halloween parade!
  • Create a Halloween bubble using these tips from GoNoodle mom Erin Grady Brown. By creating a small group and making some minor adjustments, you can still trick or treat safely with your little one!
  • Trick or Treat at Home! You don’t even need to leave your house to have a great Halloween time. Create a Halloween playlist and blast some tunes for a Halloween-themed family dance party. Put on some spooky lighting and surround yourself with Halloween decor. Then, go on a candy hunt and turn each room into a specific theme your kiddos love! Mark each room with their favorite toy and have them act in the character of their costume to receive a small bag of their favorite candy (or even a full size candy bar – why not, with less houses to visit, make each treat bigger). Also, pull out all those old Halloween costumes and do multiple costume changes throughout the night – it’s fun and funny to see how some of the old ones fit (or don’t) and adds a new twist to a very different Halloween. 


Make it count. This is a year of many firsts, including the first year many families have to adapt their typical celebrations. Cherish the rarity of this year by making this a teachable moment for your little ones.

  • Dedicate this Halloween to the real heroes. Skip the scary or silly costume and go for one that helps celebrate our everyday heroes like doctors, nurses, police officers, postal workers, and store clerks. BONUS TIP: Visit your local fire or police station in your costume for safe treats and a cool neighborhood field trip!
  • Create a Halloween time-capsule. Complete with a self-portrait of your kiddo in costume (or in their dream costume), their favorite and least favorite piece of candy (actual or written out) and anything that makes this Halloween memorable to your family! BONUS TIP: Download this time capsule packet to help your kiddo fill a time capsule that will keep their memories safe for years to come and watch this HOW TO video for even more ideas! 


Whether you’re staying in or going out, there are so many ways to celebrate Halloween while staying safe. How are you planning to celebrate? Tag us @GoNoodle with your own tips and tricks and let the spooks begin! 


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